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"After doing some research on icons design we decided to make this tribute to the bands we love. Literal Rock Band Icons."

We are a design muscle for positive brands. We lead visual strategies so that our clients reach their customers´ hearts. We believe in process, research, experiments, curiosity and positive thinking. Tata&Friends is a place to grow, to collaborate, to learn and to share knowledge.

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SS STOOL / Fiona Sindjelic

Inspiration for SS stool comes from nature and Wilson Bentley’s photographs of snow crystals and 2000 different snowflakes. Because of that, the whole stool is painted in white, accept one part of the leg.


NINE X NINE / Conrad Brown

"Nine by Nine is a furniture system designed specifically for sub-100sq/ft furnished rental apartments. It consists of a desk, two wardrobe units with two removable stand-alone drawers each, and a multi-purpose sidetable. Everything is made to be as visually open and light as possible, while still being durable enough to withstand multiple tenancies.  The system is flat-packable, inexpensive to produce, and is locally sourced.”